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What we do...

WELCOME... to our periodontal health care team. As an active participant in your care, you become the leader of the team that has your best interests at heart. Our practice philosophy of patient education and participation engenders a relationship based on mutual trust and respect that we hope will instill confidence. You deserve the very best of care.

FOR YOUR BENEFIT... our initial meeting will allow us to get acquainted. A clinical examination will allow us to assess areas of concern. We will then spend time addressing your questions (which we encourage at any time), discussing options, and becoming familiar with your special needs. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and a good understanding of our respective responsibilities enhances the atmosphere of care and concern for success, which is so important to us.

YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR GENERAL DENTIST... will not change. We will be in constant communication with your dentist to coordinate our efforts in providing the optimum in overall dental health care. The excellence and concern that prompted your dentist to seek specialty care for you is reflected in the ongoing interest and participation in your treatment in our office.

A COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT PLAN... prioritizes your care and we will work with you in scheduling convenient appointment times to expedite your treatment. If there's anything that we can do to make your visits with us more comfortable, from soothing music to warm blankets, please let us know.

A SUCCESSFUL RESULT... depends on your commitment to continued care. Regular maintenance visits with a periodontal hygienist, in our office or with your general dentist, allows our team to work together toward the common goal of a healthy mouth. We cannot do it without you!

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